Using Fear of Flights for Fear of Writing

I listened to you as you coached on today’s call the lady who was abused and fears flights.
I heard you tell her not to try to love flying and think positively of the experience but rather feeling ok with panicking, and being compassionate about it.

I am trying to borrow the idea and see if I can apply it to my fear of writing.
I decided to write my first book and haven’t been writing it for over two years.
I think about it everyday. I eat myself up everyday. I feel guilt and shame for having all the time to write and not writing everyday. It’s something I see as a dread and frightening.
So knowing that my thought (writing is hard for me) causes my brain to say (well, we better stay away from that activity), which causes me not to write and thus not to have a completed book, I try to change my thought to a positive one that will lead to an action of writing.
But any positive affirmation I try, my brain doesn’t buy into it: I’m a great writer, writing is so easy, I have plenty of ideas, I have limitless imagination…

So is there a way your suggestion to the flights lady can be applied here? Meaning, do not try to love writing or make it easy, flowing or daisies, just sit and watch myself fearing writing and have compassion for myself?
Still I don’t see how that approach will get me to write.
Perhaps it cannot be applied in this case?