Using the Model to Make A Decision

I’m confused on if I should attend my cousin’s wedding. It is in Jackson Hole which is two plane rides away from where I live and I would be traveling without my husband and with my 7 month old (my husband is working as a wedding photographer that night here where I live).

Here are two different models, (I’m new at this so please correct if I need help). I mostly have been feeling anxious about going, but guilty about NOT going because I’ve known her forever. I also have another cousins wedding two weeks afterward that I CAN attend with my husband which feels like a better trip to me!

C- Cousins Wedding
T- It would be stressful and overwhelming to travel with my 7 month old without my husband
F- Anxious
A- Don’t book flights
R- Don’t go

C- Cousins Wedding
T- It would be exciting to travel to a new place with my baby and I am an independent person that can do things alone
F- excited *note, I’m still not excited right now, I’m feeling guilty that I should go or my aunt will be mad
A- Book flights
R- Go

How do I make a choice?