Using thought work against yourself

After a coaching session yesterday I realized deeper beliefs I have been in denial about and written down the thoughts that seem very real and factual to me about the circumstance of having signed 2 clients, had 5 consults (no’s) and the desire to sign 20 clients.

After looking at them my brain wants to convince me that because I have so many thoughts that are not aligned with my goal that “I will never get through my thought blocks to create the result I want” – how do I best work with these optional thoughts and choose new ones? I am open to accepting that they are just part of me for now and I am willing to believe something new.

I have been told a few times not that I am using thought work against myself and I am still a little confused on what that means?

T: You can’t because you are not in sufficiency
T: You can’t because you are am not evolved enough
T: You can’t because you are not thriving single enough (you aren’t happy)
T: You can’t because you just have bad karma and so it’s set in stone
T: You can’t because God doesn’t want you to right now because you aren’t good enough to do it yet and you will probably harm yourself and others like you always do
T: You can’t because you have debt and so you have a negative net worth like like your self worth is negative so it’s better you don’t before you have changed yourself to feel more worthy inside
T: You will never really be able to do it and it will never be able to happen to you because it’s just not in your cards, had it been in your karma to sign clients and your true destiny, it would have happened by now, but since it hasn’t it means it never will or it may happen but in 3-5 years
T: You don’t have a boyfriend or a paid job or an apartment which are all evidence for your lack of ability to create success and why you can’t possibly sign 20 clients because that would be too easy and nothing is every easy for you
T: You need to have a boy friend first to know you are evolved enough and proven you have overcome your breakup, but on the other hand you will NEVER get one before you sign clients either all because you are not evolved enough for that either so basically you are doomed and you should continue the 9-5 job.
T: Can’t you see with all of this that it’s way too hard for someone like you?

Feedback appreciated, thank you!