Vegan on Protocol (Jenn)

Hi Brooke!
I’m a vegan and have started the no-sugar, no-flour protocol (also doing Intermittent Fasting with a 6-7 hour window so far). It’s going well so far, but I find that I am still consuming a lot of rice to fill out my meals, and I am eating a couple pieces of fruit per day (which I believe I recall your saying that you’d limit it to one piece per day). I eat loads of veggies, beans and nuts each day, too. I find myself thinking that this is so much harder as a vegan since I can’t get any of my fats from animal proteins, egg yolks, or dairy. I’m posting my model on these thoughts below, but I would also love any advice or resources you can direct me to that will help me to better round-out my nutrition on this protocol as a vegan. Thanks oodles!

C: food protocol
T: Being vegan seems to make this a whole lot harder.
F: At a disadvantage
A: Eat more grains to fill out my meals.
R: Slower weight loss.

C: food protocol
T: Plenty of vegans follow this protocol and are successful at weight loss and optimal health.
F: Empowered
A: Find the right combinations of vegan foods to make the protocol work for me.
R: Faster weight loss.