To do versus scheduled time

I have certain to do tasks that I have I need to do list in my calendar that aren’t assigned a specific time. For instance I know when I get up in the morning but I’m going to meditate I’m going to write in my journal and I’m going to do myself coaching scholars daily workbook tasks. I have those set as to dues in my reminders also I work out When I get home from work for 30 minutes I have that is it to do and not at an assigned time. I do those things regularly without assigning a time to them. At our business which I run I normally set things is tasks and reminders as well such as when the taxes are due when I do payroll forms that have to be filed at a specific time invoicing that needs to be done I set all of those as to dues recovering as opposed to assigning them a time . How do I know when to assign something a specific block of time in my calendar let’s say from 9 AM to 10 AM versus putting it as it to do in my task list?