Drinking after pregnancy

Hi Brooke,

I am due with my second child in a few months. Rachel helped me so much on the coaching calls at the beginning of my pregnancy especially around getting clear that me NOT drinking during pregnancy was entirely my own choice and I could own that choice with power rather than feel deprived during this period of time. It has been going really well and I don’t feel like I am missing anything when I am around friends who are drinking and I am not. It has also been eyeopening to deal with the parts of my experience that I would normally just buffer against with a glass of wine.

I could be completely fine not drinking ever again but I know that once the new baby comes it will be around the holidays and I will be at a lot of parties and events that I would normally drink at. As much as I am enjoying not drinking at all right now, I can foresee that I will probably want to have a glass of wine here and there at holiday functions so long as it is in the context of celebration or a pairing with food (not as a buffer).

My question is besides having a protocol is there any other suggestion you have for keeping myself in check?