VIP CALL – coached by brooke

hi there

so i got coached by brooke today about my doubtful thoughts i sometimes have about my partner.
and she told me that she 100% can guarantee me that if i would leave him because of these thoughts i will have the same thing with my next partner.
so does this mean that if you don’t change your thoughts you will never have a good relationship with another person?

seems crayz to me.
my head is spinning a little bit.

cause i know now that the problem is that i freak out about having doubtful thoughts. and i freak out because i think it shouldn’t be this way and that with another person i wouldn’t have these thoughts.
BOOM! really i opening to know WHY i’m so scared and freaked out by it.

so now: how can i change this thought that i think it should be this way? how can i not believe that?
do you believe that?? that with all the people you have the same thought patterns?

thanks for your help.