I want to add beer

Hi Brooke!
I gave up beer and wine in March for the purpose of losing weight. I used to have one every night. I’ve lost almost 60lbs and still have 30 more to lose. I’ve been thinking about beer a lot lately now that the weather is cooling off a little. One of my great pleasures used to be to sit out on my screened porch in the evening with a really nice craft beer and enjoy listening to the animals and watching dusk turn to dark. I truly miss doing that with a nice beer. It’s still pleasurable without the beer, but not nearly as much. I would like to incorporate one beer a day back into my life, but beer is processed wheat and I think that it is in conflict with the no flour rule. Is it possible to incorporate beer into my protocol at all and still lose weight at? I tried it last week as a test and my weight has gone up 1 pound. I know that you don’t consider 1 pound to be a gain but since it is a wheat product that is for pleasure rather than fuel, I wanted to ask you about it. I don’t feel like this is buffering. I’m not trying to avoid anything. I just miss my craft beers! I am wondering if it is possible to have them in my life at all. I wonder if pushing my fasting window longer would make it possible? I currently fast 18hrs. Or if I only had one every other day instead of every day? I want to get that final 30 pounds off more than I want the beer so if it is not possible, I will choose my protocol over the beer….but if I can have both, that would be so great! Also, if you do tell me that it is not possible, then my next question is will it ever be possible to have beer back in my life or is it an eternal “no”? Thanks. Karen