I want to share another mini-miracle..

Hi Brooke,
Its Lisa, and I said I wouldn’t write for a while, and here I am!

In deciding I want to pivot to my new big life now ( :)rather than wait) I went back to your March class about downloading positive thoughts that support the Big Goal, and creating any thoughts that are needed to help resolve the conflicting ones…

I created about 75 sentences that reflect living my Big Life of Great Contribution today, including already having the love of/for friends, colleagues, family, and mate,
and including other big goals,
all around Big Contribution

and then shabam so many awarenesses have been happening

first, I already have love of/for colleagues and family (I think I may want to find more ways to show it)
then, I realized EVERYONE is a friend- neighbors, cashiers, people I pass on the street- I already have lots of friends (why not ask a neighbor in for coffee)
then, I realized I have a mate, he is in my heart and soul and I just need to take the steps for him to manifest.

I wrote out the sentences as if I am already doing all these things in my big life of contribution and love. (I created an mp3 to listen to them). I will take your suggestion to write them out by hand as well to create a different intimacy with them

it IS mind blowing, the gentle inspired shifts.

and then, I suddenly got that I could put the positive aspects of people I have loved and lost in the past (including my father and a recent love) in my heart, mind and soul and keep them forever there. I can live out their greatest strengths in my life. We are not separate, love always finds a way. I get to keep the past to move forward.

Just want to thank you and all the SCS-ers again, and to say that this work can go very deep if you want, it can work with every aspect of your life