Wanting a present from my boyfriend

I’ve noticed I wanted a new necklace. And then I’ve noticed how I slipped into thinking I want my boyfriend to give it to me. I want him to give me presents. I know I can absolutely get it myself, but I want it from him. What would it mean for me? That he appreciates me and treats me like a princess. So right now, I’m divided between directly telling him I want it, manipulating him into getting me one (like saying I got a necklace from my other friend), or understanding what I really want and coach myself on it. I know I could coach myself, but I just want him to give it to me 😂 any advice?

C: Necklace

T: I want my boyfriend to give it to me as a present

F: Needy/demanding

A: Manipulate my ways into it, Find all the ways in which I’m not satisfied with my boyfriend

R: Not sure what it is, but I’m sure I don’t like it


C: Necklace

T: If he gave me more presents it would mean I’m more important to him

F: Scarcity

A: Look for all the ways in which I’m not pleased with my boyfriend, not buying myself a necklace, not making myself important, not looking for how he does make me feel important

R: I’m not important to myself, I find the proof that I’m not important to him, I’m not making him as important to myself since I’m demanding something which he doesn’t even know about yet.


Can you please help me to clean my models up and have some perspective?