Wanting comfort and wanting to turn to food


I used to overeat regularly, I had phases of doing it for a few months, then I’d hate the weight gain and diet and loose it all again. I now haven’t overeaten for 7 months, I went through a course that really helped (not an LCS one, I hadn’t heard of LCS at that point).

I don’t intend to ever overeat again, but recently I have noticed I am experiencing more urges to do so. Often it happens when I feel very tired, in the afternoon or at the end of the day. The dark, it’s going into winter now here, doesn’t help. I notice I will have a thought that I would love to just go to bed, and sink into my warm duvet, and shut out the world. Sometimes I even think if I were just a little bit ill, how nice it would be to just go to bed and lie there and watch TV or read and just give myself this comfort. I never do this by the way.
But I have three young kids and responsibilities and I cannot just go to bed. In the past, I would turn to food to give me comfort and energy, but now I don’t want to do that. However the urge is there. I think I want to eat because it represents comfort. I am not aware of the thoughts I have in this moment except “I just want some comfort and to forget everything and just lie in bed (or eat food because I can’t lie in bed). and be at peace.”
It’s all a bit puzzling to me, can you help?
Should I seek comfort in other ways? Why do I want ‘comfort’? Do I need to do a thought download when I have the urge, to discover / find the thoughts behind it?
Thank you.