Wanting to Feel Angry

Hello, I’ve been doing lots of work on my thoughts around a bad relationship with a co-worker, and have made great strides with the help of SCS. At this point, when a Circumstance arises, I have a chance to think and and intentionally use the thoughts I’ve created in my Intentional Models. Today, when a Circumstance arose, I thought of the intentional thoughts I could use, and then decided I just wanted to be angry and think angry thoughts. I chose anger.

Sometimes anger can fuel a purpose, and give us the courage to take action for ourselves when we might otherwise not. For example, if we’re dealing with someone who is a bully (and everyone agrees they are a bully, so its a circumstance not a thought). Or someone steals our car, and our anger makes us call the police so they get arrested.

If you and I were having a conversation about this, how might you coach me about it?