I’ve just realised that for the longest time ever, I’ve suppressed any desire I’ve ever felt as I thought wanting was bad. My reasoning was the following one: if I want junk food, I eat it and then I feel miserable. So if I don’t want food or anything for that matter, then I’ll be fine. Except that I still need food to survive so let’s resist eating the junk food (and have it in triple amounts anyway).
But working on my urges with the Urge Jar, I realised that I love wanting! It feels good, expansive, open-wide to want. AND I can stop there – wanting, not reacting. It causes no harm. So I can get skilled at wanting and that’s it. I could fill my Urge Jar with all those desires and feel them, enjoy them, savour them on purpose.
So I want:
– curly hair,
– a kitten,
– a flower bouquet for my daughter,
– a massage right now,
– thin ankles
– elegant dresses
– a tidy home…
Any thought?