Way off protocol last night

Dear Brooke,
I went way off protocol last night. It was my son’s birthday. He wanted an ice cream cake – which isn’t even something I ever crave, so I am extra disappointed I chose to eat it. My 24 hour ahead plan was no eating the cake, but having 1 glass of wine. I ate 2 1/2 pieces, some chocolate and 2 glasses of wine. I’m running models on it this morning to help process my thinking. 4 protocols below – the first two related to putting myself in the position of last night, the second two related to dealing with the after-effect of my poor choice. I always get stuck when my R doesn’t prove my T – what could I write differently in each of these? Is it helpful to write models from both the perspective of last night and today? I’d love your guidance on this, because I find that I have been in this position before and if I can figure it out, hopefully it will help me from doing it again.
Thank you!

#1 (analyzing the moment last night)
C We are having a family dinner to celebrate my son’s birthday
T I don’t really care for ice cream cake, but it’s there.
F Celebratory, deserving
A Eat 2 1/2 pieces of cake
R Feel awful – physically (slept terribly, stomach over-full) and mentally because I let myself down

C We are having a family dinner with ice cream cake to celebrate my son’s birthday
T I didn’t plan 24 hours ahead to eat it and it’s not worth it
F peaceful, solid
A I don’t eat cake
R Feel great physically and happy I kept my commitment to myself

#2 (analyzing the moment from today’s perspective)
C I ate 2 1/2 pieces of ice cream cake
T I shouldn’t have eat them.
F Guilty, disappointed in myself and the example I set for my kids
A Beat myself up mentally
R ?

C I ate 2 1/2 pieces of ice cream cake
T I went off protocol
F Observant, resilient
A Renew my commitment to laser focus on protocol
R Adhere to protocol 100% – start with 1 day and see how many days of adherance I can accumulate