We have to work equally hard

I’m working on my feelings around frustration/anger when I think my husband is not working as hard as me or doesn’t have as much ‘pressure’ as I do in our business.  I have come to terms with the fact (which a coach helped me realize) that it is down to me feeling resentful of how hard I am working (not about my husband).

I have tried practicing ‘accepting what is’ if I were to consider our working roles as a circumstance and imbalanced and going with ‘this is how this is – now how do I want to show up?’ (as this has worked in other aspects of accepting or neutralizing circumstances in my life and self-coaching).

I have also tried to see that ‘I work harder’ is a thought, not a circumstance.

I’m not feeling like either is sticking or getting me anywhere closer to how I’d like to think or feel. (Because I recognize that really, I STILL want to change the circumstance and have our work totally equal at all times! ).

Any other ideas or suggestions I could try, or questions I could ask myself please to work through this? Thank you 🙂