“Week 1” exercise badassery

My SENTENCE is: “All of my past experiences are leading me to my greatest glory and success.”

Loving my WEEK 1 reframe:
1 (what to change) – diagnosis of fibromyalgia and my adoption of it.

2 (current story) – I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia into 2006. It was caused during a period of stress I endured for making myself work for [controlling lawyer boss’s name] for three years. Because of it, my physical abilities are limited. I have muscle and nerve pain daily. I must take my RX + OTC med three times daily just to be able to deal with the pain, but a lot of times it doesn’t work. I believe I brought it upon myself. I also believe I can heal it when I hit upon the magic combination and I just haven’t figured out what that is yet.

3 (facts of event) – symptoms first appeared about 2003. First doc I discussed it with at the time didn’t have answers for me. Leg numbness in 2006 brought about a series of medical testing. Neurologist told me I didn’t have MS (which I didn’t know we were testing for) but that he thought it was fibromyalgia, which is done by a clinical diagnosis. I went home, looked it up online and read all symptoms and felt I identified with about 15 out of 20 symptoms, and I adopted it and decided it was true. No other doctor has diagnosed it. Every doctor since, has taken my word/medical record for fact of fibromyalgia being true and accurate and continued the prescriptions originally prescribed by three primary care physicians prior.

4 (New story) – This 10+ year period since diagnosis is all helping me in seen an as yet uneen ways. This diagnosis/identification and my complete and total healing from it give me valuable insight and knowledge and experience to help others break the cycle of pain and buffering and living their life “in the cave” and not fully living. My willingness and strength to rise above it and expectation of a complete healing and total life transformation have led me to helping vast numbers of other people in pain, who are suffering, to believe in and find their own total healing and life transformation.

5 (what to keep) – valuable experience that leads me to my greatest success as a coach and in life. It was exactly what I needed to go through to have the amazing life I am claiming as my own and feeling called to.

5 (what to let go of) – victimhood, anger, guilt, identification with fibromyalgia, the belief that I need RX and/or OTC med to feel better. Belief that I can’t do more physically. The unconscious/unintended bonus of using it as a convenient excuse (getting out of work when I want to, calling in sick, hiding behind fear, not requiring more of myself, allowing myself to buffer because I think I’ve earned it).

Wowee kazowee!!! Loving my new story! Very powerful exercise. A million times: thank you!!!!