Weekend break

Hey Brooke! Hope you’re having an incredible Sunday.

So, I’ve always had a habit of “going easy” on myself and “letting go” on the weekends. I eat what I want, do as much or as little work as I feel, and relax. It feels like a little present to myself at the end of the week.

However, while doing your program I’m starting to recognize that I dislike some of the things that “happen” when I take this “weekend break.” I feel as if come Monday I’m feeling less gung-ho and passionate, and it takes me a little time to “get back into the swing of things.” (Maybe I just have to tell my mind I’m excited and passionate and generate that feeling?!)

Anyway, I’ve been doing my thought downloads Mon-Friday, then on the weekends I take a break.

I guess I’d like to have my mindset, passion, etc be more consistent, but I find I’ll try to “break” or do something over the weekend to fling myself into “autopilot” or “ease” mode, instead of having that built in structure.

Again, not quite sure what my question is….but just kind of wondering your thoughts.

Thanks TONS for taking the time to answer this, and all my other questions! I spend a lot of time thinking about your answers. It’s always very insightful-appreciate it!! <3

XO- Aliya