Weighing ever day. Ugh!!

Hey Brooke,

You advised me to weigh everyday and then do a model on my weight. I’ve been doing that and it has been interesting. My weight fluctuates a lot – 3 – 4 pounds. Today I weigh 4 pounds more than I did last Sunday and I have been following my protocol to the letter. The models have been helpful, but I think there is so much more. So today I did a model about weighing everyday and then dug deeper with “why”. I want to share it with you and she what you think.

Unintentional Thought Pattern
C: Weighing daily
T: Weighing daily is driving me crazy!
F: anxious, judgmental, self critical
A: too focused on the number
R: Brings me down or makes me happy depending on what it reads.

So than I asked my self “Why is weighing every day driving me crazy?

Why? Because I hate focusing on the number.

Why? Because it brings me back to a lifetime struggle I’ve had with weight and the number.

Why? I grew up with a weight and body obsessed mother who dieted until her last breath at age 96.

Why? Because I was mind melded with the diet mentality by her and the scale is the foundation of that.

Why? The scale is like a PTSD flashback of having to weigh as a kid – going to TOPS, Weight Watchers, etc. Having the scale be the factor that determined my acceptance and value.

Why? Because I want to be free of it – its like a judge and jury of my worth or proof that I am being “good”.

Why? Because the scale has taken on a much bigger meaning that a piece of metal with number!

Intentional Thought Pattern
C: Weighing daily
T: It’s a tool I use to monitor my progress following the protocol.
F: apprehensive, tentative
A: I’ll do it and work through the drama
R: The scale becomes a scale. Not a judgement device.

Where do I need to go from here?

Thanks, Cindy E