Weight Loss!

Hi love!
I just signed up this month at the last minute. Just from doing that action, things that were difficult seemed to no longer be. I’ve naturally, without much effort, started eating less and changing my diet and food intake. I’m not following your plan since I don’t yet know what it is. I haven’t made it far enough in the Stop Overeating Workshop videos to find out what your plan is. I replaced breakfast (or lack of breakfast) with a powdered weight loss shake (I had a boatload of them in a bag in my pantry simply because I couldn’t bring myself to do them before). I have replaced lunch at the office with it also so I just have to worry about making/finding one healthy meal. I haven’t resisted drinking them. From 3/2 to 3/7 I’ve lost 4 pounds! I’m down to 250 now. When the shakes are gone I won’t replace them. I will move on to real/healthy food for all meals. Since I have some health problems a paleo diet is known to resolve, I will likely move on to that. Just wanted to share the effortless success that comes from making a decision to start working on myself! ❤Thanks Brooke for this fabulous SCS program!❤