Weight loss, menopause and HRT

I’m 49 and have been prescribed estradiol patches and progesterone (hormone replacement- HRT) for profound hot flashes and general hormone instability starting roughly two years ago. Since July 2018, I’ve lost 34 lbs through Keto. I’m doing the emotional work via Brooke’s program and have a good protocol set up for future weight loss. I’m 5’8” and have lost an additional 4 lbs since I’ve been using my protocol. I presently weigh 181. To your knowledge, are there any connections between using the protocol successfully and being able to get off HRT? I know that there are other hormones that tend to stabilize themselves, but what about reproductive ones? My goal weight is 150 and I’m hoping that with additional weight loss, there will be some effect on my menopausal symptoms. Since losing the weight I can’t tell if it’s the weight loss that’s stabilizing me or the diet/weight loss or both. Thoughts?

Thanks for your time!