What are my reasons?

Hi Brooke…

You say you can choose any thoughts, but you have to like your reasons. I don’t exactly know what thought to think, because I’m not exactly sure of my reasons. My impossible goal was to “get a book deal,” but I changed it to, “have a NYT bestseller” (because that feels more impossible). I’ve been a writer for many years but struggle with procrastination (buffering) and also a fear of vulnerability.

The truth is, if I never reach my impossible goal, my life would still be totally awesome (though I would be a bit disappointed). The feeling of “excitement” about my goal never lasts to keep me motivated. I want to feel committed, but again – I’m not sure of my WHY. What is my reason? Money? Prestige? I don’t really know. Is my indecision part of the problem? How can I figure this out to commit to my goal 100%?