“What could go wrong?”

Dear Brooke,
First of all – thank you! My goal was “By Sept 30th at 6pm I will have both my kids enrolled in school with all paperwork completed and supplies purchased.” One son has just finished his first week of school – all paperwork and supplies sorted. The other is all set up for homeschooling/tutoring for the next month and we have a plan in place after that. I learned so much in this process!

I think I heard you mention recently that, when planning, you like to ask “What could go wrong here?” This really struck me! I am generally a very thorough planner. When I look back on the past year I feel as though my planning was good and where I got derailed was by problems I just did not anticipate. Part of my work, I know, is to be more welcoming of problems and not resist them so much! But I do think if I’d used the question “What could go wrong here?” I’d have been better prepared and it could really have made a difference. I was curious how you built this question into your planning process without spending too much time directing your brain to look for potential problems. Thank you so much and I’m excited for October!