What else do I have?

Hi Brooke – I am on day 4 no sugar/no flour. I just heard the part in the weight loss workshop where you say to take all the joy out of eating and you were asking someone ‘what is left?’ I feel terrible inside a lot of the time and I am not sure I can take all the joy out of my food. I keep asking myself if I take all the joy out of food – what else do I have? I can literally feel my brain desperately trying to search for other sources of immediate pleasure but I don’t want to replace one instant grat with another.

I am going to try at a model:
C: Brooke said take the pleasure out of food
T: I will have nothing left.
F: hopeless
A: cry
R: ??

I mean I guess the truth is I can find other sources of real pleasure – like moments and being present, but all that makes me kinda roll my eyes like BARF I am one of those people now that talk about being present and I’ll have to get myself a friggin ‘joy is in the moments’ mug. What else is there Brooke? Just moments and presence??

C: Same
T: Food pleasure doesn’t last.
A: don’t turn to food
R: ??

Also something interesting happens to my brain when I think of demoting food – I feel like I will have to go live my life if that makes any sense. Like Oh shit I am back in the game and will need to set goals and be a participant in life again and I like that idea but it’s scary a bit. I feel like instead of living fully I have been hiding behind food, like a ‘food filter’ (omg I just pictured that as an option on your phone when you are taking photos like Claredon filter makes you look on point and right next to it is ‘Food’ and it kinda blurs everything and adds 40lbs lol) basically my questions are: what else is there? and I am making too much of my response to the idea? And can you help with my models. xoxo