What If I Don’t Like Doing Kind Things?

Hi coaches! I’m doing the podcast 163 boundary work, where Brooke writes “do kind things for other people only when you want to and only when it is the truth.” I’m discovering that I do things out of obligation and people pleasing. If it were my choice (which it is!), I wouldn’t do things out of kindness except for my own kids and a small inner circle. I don’t think “kind” is one of the things I strive to be. Is that weird? So now I’m a little worried about being kind. Sometimes I feel guilty about not wanting to be kind. And I’m ok with feeling guilty because I prefer that over doing the obligation thing. I’m an adult and can do what I want – I’m never mean, but also not exceptionally kind either…and that’s ok with me. Am I on the right track? It feels open and accepting of myself to admit that I don’t like doing kind things, other than for my kids. Thank you for your guidance!