What thought fuels fantasy, projection and imaginary scenarios

Hello! I recently had a date with someone and I really enjoyed myself. I believe the feeling was mutual. We were introduced by a mutual friend so I don’t think he would just up and ghost me. He’s on business travel and he’s coming back next week and said he would reach out to make plans once he gets back.

I’ve been thinking about him a lot. He seems like a really interesting guy. And since I don’t date a lot this feels special and, quite frankly, rare. I’m trying to remind myself that the “win” has already happened. I met someone nice – that’s great, full stop.

I’m trying not to ruminate on what our next chapter might be but I seem to keep turning to fantasies and imaginary scenarios. Instead of just trying to STOP, I’m wondering what I’m getting from them and is this healthy?

C: I met a man I want to see again
T: He seemed cool and I have not met someone like him in YEARS
F: Excitement about the future
A: Imagining future scenarios and interactions in detail
R: I am distracted, I feel guilt about imagining things that have not happened.