What to change and what to learn to love?

The ‘life is 50/50’ and ‘this is exactly how it was supposed to happen’ concepts have really helped me.

However, I sometimes wonder… how am I to decide what I should try to change (e.g. a challenge I decide/ setting an impossible goal) VS what should I accept and make peace with/be happy with?
E.g. Financial goals are a big thing for me at the moment. But I also recognize that it is beneficial for me to accept and love what I have and where I am now. This seems to bring up a lot of opposing thoughts and feelings and I have trouble getting clarity with it all. I know that much of it is because I believe life will be better ‘there than here’ i.e. when we have achieved those financial goals, have the house, etc etc.

So, I guess my question is: Why would I still strive to achieve those goals if it’s no better there and I perhaps need to work harder on being happy as I am?
Although I already know that I WILL strive to achieve my goals because I’m already so committed to them.
Eek – confused!… Maybe it’s more about: How do I decide what to change and what to accept in life??