What to include in the Thought Download?

When doing a TDL, are we supposed to be just downloading our thoughts about a certain topic in our model? Or downloading EVERYTHING?
And, what relationship does a TDL have to a journal entry or a bullet journal style of planning out a day/week/month etc.?
I am aware of the fault in my question, there are no “supposed to”‘s or rules about any of these things, but I’m wondering whether the TDL should (I know, “should”) have a specific focus to keep myself on track with regards to the model, or if it’s a way to unpack everything that’s in my head – usually disorganised and overwhelming – so that I can start to sort through it all? I currently download EVERYTHING, some of it useful some not. I suppose I didn’t know that going in, so it was useful all the same. Did I answer my own question?