Whats the goal?

Hi Brooke!

I do a great job observing my thoughts. I know how to pick new thoughts and these do make me feel good and I do practice them in an effort to create new habits for myself. What I recignize about myself is that I do a good job in the observation and changing part, but not in the understanding “part” of my current thought which is why they pop back up. My Q is, when im doing thought downloads, whats the method to digging into a “negative/true thought”? Example:

C: someone compliments me
T: this is too much
T: not true
T: theyre being inauthentic
F: uncomfortable
A: shy away from complient / avoid/disregard compliments
R: lack of self acceptance? Or self realization?

But idk what reflection to do on the above three thoughts. Am I trying to figure out why I think that to get another thought? Is practicing true and believable new thoughts not enough to change? And im just being impatient with myself?

I had some excting news to share with my mom but avoided it today because I didnt want the attention. Why? Because I dont want it to be all about me and I dont want to hear “oh so nice! Well done! You must be so happy” when there are parts of me that are not I guess?

What work should I be doing here? Please steer me – thanks so much!