What’s The Right Self-Coaching For This One?

Yesterday I joined my husband and mother in law for an event that is related to his family.
I knew no one there and am usually an introvert and doesn’t find is easy to chit chat in parties and such settings.
My husband, on the other hand, finds is easy as breathing to strike a conversation with anyone and is immediately charming the entire room.
As soon as the party started he introduced me and his mom and then proceeded to go about the room and chat with everyone while I was left to watch his mom, as he asked me to.
By the end of the evening I watched myself standing there with her, with the most resentful face, bored, pain in my feet from the high heels, tired, and miserable.
Instead of taking the opportunity to have fun with her, engage in conversation and relax, I kept looking at everyone else who was having a great time.
I know that I could have coached myself and enjoy the evening more, but I haven’t. I kept looking at the watch and signaling my husband that I want to leave.
On the way home he was all joyful and I gave him the cold shoulder, as if we attended two different events.

Should my action is to be more like him or be okay with being myself?