When focus time fails

Yesterday I successfully did the items I wanted to get done during my morning focus time. Today, I didn’t anticipate one thing that needs to be done in order for today’s result to be achieved and I’m starting to beat myself up over it. I planned to get some figures for a paper I’m writing finalized between 9-11am (it’s now 10am, and I’ve decided that I will turn to SCS for venting of my frustration), but there is one piece of data that I’m missing in order for the figures to get finalized. It would require for me to drive 30min to go get the data and then my focus time would be up and I would be behind for the day. I know I could redirect my energy towards other things that I want to do, but my frustration with “failing” today with accomplishing my result has gotten me totally unmotivated. All I want to do is watch netfilx and wallow in my failure. I’m observing these thoughts and realizing that I need to coach myself on it – which I’ll do now. I just don’t know if I’m doing the Monday hour 1 focus time correctly and if it will just take time to get better at it. Does this count as one of those “rare unexpected things that come up” which gets me off my schedule? Did I just plan poorly in not realizing that I didn’t have all the data together before deciding that I would get this done from home this morning? I just keep coming back to the thought that I’ve done this all wrong and I’m not respecting my schedule and myself by not getting my tasks done. Thanks for the help!