When I don’t have anything planned I only want to work

I am coach and I love every part of it.

It seems like my brain never turns off. For example, my baby felt asleep and I haven’t planned anything for that time (I wasn’t sure if that was going to happen), so instead of sitting and enjoying my coffee, I am thinking about and writing all the ideas I have for my membership program. (Now, I’m even writing about it to AAC.)

I was dreaming about this life when I can work 2 hours per day, but the only thing I want when I am not with my loved ones or doing something else I have planned is work (coach) and think about my business, implement new things.

So, do I just allow myself to work and think about my coaching business all the time when I am not doing something else that I planned ahead of time? I still do, but I guess now I am just questioning it and judging myself for that.

I am so thankful for all your insights!