When is a fact a fact?

Recently I had a private coaching session in which we came to talk about climate change. The coach told me, that this is not a fact, but an opinion. Since then, I wonder: When is a fact a fact? You declared – completely right in my opinion – that structural racism is a fact. In doing so, you presumably rely on well-founded studies on this topic, which prove structural racism as a fact. There are several other topics like structural gender discrimination for which this is also clearly true. So I wonder why climate change should be an opinion since the vast majority of scientists agree, that this is a fact?

I’m from Europe and I can see, that the US is more divided in the judgement about climate change. And that it is perhaps a matter of focus, which topic appears more to be an opinion and which not (although all three of the above are certainly facts in my perspective). But since you have people in charge in the US, who are claiming “Alternative Facts”, I really would like to have a clarification on what are facts. Especially since I can see, that my brain is making drama around that fact-theme and it distracts me from the actual message of the coaching session 🙂

So I would appreciate, if you would clarify that, because I stuck in this. Thanks in advance!