When is it okay to be upset?

I’ve been dating someone for several months. They didn’t respond to two of my text messages last week.
I got my thoughts together so I was able to approach him about it in a calm and curious way.
He called me, explained why he didn’t respond, cooked an amazing meal for me, all that jazz…And all is well?
Looking back on it (and other instances), I can’t help but feel like I’m being too passive in my dating life because of all the thought work I’m doing. It’s a GREAT thing that I rarely stay mad since discovering scholars, but am I allowing people to walk all over me?
If I was dating someone a year ago and they didn’t respond to my text messages, I probably would’ve moved on and started dating someone else because I was upset.
When is it okay to be upset? I’m just worried that because I can do thought work around a dating situation, that I’m letting too many things slide?