When should one just move on from a goal?

Do you think theres ever a time to just let go of something you thought you wanted? For example, my impossible goal last year was to make 100k in my health coaching business. But i never did anything. Ive paid for programs and have done all the research. And still nothing. There was a time where i had a huge desire to have this. But i think i couldnt move last any of my fears/negative beliefs. I froze instead and hid. Now we’re here again and I dont know if i should even attempt it again. Its likely my belief is so far from me.

I’m embarrased and ashamed to even go back on social media because of my inconsistent presence. I feel like i should just work on learning how to love me and getting my own health journey in order again. I’ve definitely abandoned my thought work and want to start taking care of ME again.

When I think about coaching, the thought “maybe this isnt what i should be doing”.

So i try to figure out what the hell i want to do with my life.

Its a constant spin.

Should i just move on to something else? Or am i just avoiding myself?