Thought models related to IG

Hi Brooke! I understand that all of our thought models are to be related to our impossible goal for 2019 (which for me is weight loss). In terms of the circumstance, should we be listing things such as the actions we are committed to taking? For example, one of my actions is “always allow urges” or “no sugar/no flour”. Could I list this as a circumstance for one of my models? I’m trying to understand what the circumstances are to be for these models. Could you give me some examples?

Also, can you help me understand the reasoning behind why we are supposed to list all 100 actions (25 per quarter) NOW vs filling it out before the start of each quarter? For example, I’m just starting to listen to the Stop Overeating workshop and it seems like I will have more ideas for possible actions as I learn more over time and/or try out things. I had only completed the 25 actions for Quarter 1 as I didn’t realize we were supposed to do it for the year (until I saw you answer another Ask Brooke question). I want to complete the exercise as it was intended but curious as to why we do it for the year vs the quarter.

Thank you so much!!