Where Did The Last Two Months Go?

I am ‘That Screenwriter’ and I overcame my fear of writing thanks to SCS.
It took a few years but I finally did it. I wrote two complete screenplays and submitted them on time to several contests by March 30th, 2019.

The next day I felt elated, free of worry, lighter and positive.
I had really great thoughts about what I’ve accomplished, the screenplays I’ve written, and that all will be okay, because I finally figured out how to write and allow it to feel however it feels.

Today is June 7th. It feels like I woke up today and I looked at the last two months and I had nothing to show for.
I had another screenplay I meant to write and only realize now, looking back, how I kept pushing starting it with excuses like: I ordered a new desk and it will be delivered only in six weeks and I can’t be productive until then.
A week followed a week and it doesn’t make sense that I will avoid writing again after I proved to myself that I can do it.

Could this be the case of identity shattering? Meaning, that if I no longer need to figure out the problem of overcoming my fear to write, then it’s just getting into the business of writing every project till completion?
It almost seems like my brain rather have the problem of still figuring out writing rather than the problem of figuring out the next screenplay I want to write.
I don’t understand…