Where to go from now?

Hello Brooke…. so you know me from Master weight loss class 🙂 I have followed food protocol to the tee accept when I drink wine and then I eat popcorn. I picked up 10 pounds since South Africa. I know its because of drinking wine and then needing carbs as I never eat carbs other than vegetables. I signed up and listened to everything about stop overdrinking. I know I am not an alchoholic but I do ant to get control over this wine drinking. Interesting enough, I used to drink wine and then have chippies… I have not wanted chippies at all or had them which is more significant, right!!! So here is my question my sweet tough Brooke, I promised myself that if I join you this time around, I will do whatever you say…. just like you did with your buisiness coach. So tell me where do I go from here. No wine, some wine, plan wine???? Yours Lindi