Whether I should sign up for life coach certification

Hi. I am debating whether to sign up for the online coaching certification program through The Life Coach School. I discovered Brooke Castillo’s podcast about a year ago and have been devouring as much content as I can ever since. Currently, I work for the federal government as an attorney. Over the last six months, things have taken a turn for the worse in my current job as one of the male supervisors in my office has become rather difficult/abusive to work with and has targeted his negativity to me and other women in the office. (I realize this is likely a thought, but I and at least one other woman in the office have started doing trauma therapy to cope with his behaviors in the workplace). Truth be told, this job has its pros in that it is very stable, pays very well, has great benefits, etc., but it is not my passion. I am a self-help junky and am drawn to all things self-improvement, positive thinking, etc. I have been exploring various plan B’s due to the abusive work situation and have attending the LCS on my bucket list. This weekend the thought occurred to me that I should just do it now. Why wait? Paying for it isn’t an issue (I have a large sum of money set aside for career exploration), and I can come up with no other practical reasons not to do it. But then my brain started kicking up all sorts of excuses for not doing it: it’s silly, it’s a joke to think I could ever make money being a life coach, I don’t have time to work full time and get this certification, I should wait another year until we have more money saved, blah, blah, blah. What thought work/self-coaching can I do to get clarity around whether to sign up for the coaching now or to wait until the next session starts?