White Privilege – should I feel guilty?

I am white and recently all of the social media is making me feel like I should feel guilty for my privilege and that it is ‘right’ for me to mute myself so others can be heard. These education articles about what racism is says things like ‘you should feel guilty’ and ‘if you dont agree with what I am saying, then you are racist’

This upsets me because with a lot of the teachings in SCS, I have actively tried to cultivate the thought that I am not responsible for other people’s models. Therefore; how can I be responsible for other peoples pain that I have caused just by my existence as a white person? I don’t feel guilty or wrong because of the color my skin. My question is: How can I support the antiracism movement (which I agree with their mission for us to be equal) which calls for me to feel guilty or wrong in order to support them?