White supremacy

I’ve been struggling to come up with an intentional model for some of the social issues of our time right now. For example, white supremacy and the horrible acts of violence happening against people of color or Jewish people or Muslim people. Or the violence and mistreatment of LGBTQ people.

I feel sad and enraged that this type of hatred exists in the world. But feeling sad about all of this has also contributed to a depression and that certainly isn’t a good outcome. Do you have any ideas for what some new thoughts could be in regards to these issues? I struggle with it because I’m not sure what I could shoot for in terms of a new feeling (other than sadness or rage). Maybe peace? Compassion for these extremists/terrorists? I need some ideas there. The sadness and rage only seems to poison me and hold me back from doing important work in the world and from being a conduit of love. (And thank you so much. I literally cannot believe how awesome you all are with your responses to all of our questions. XO)