Who Do I Have To Become

Hi Brooke,

I am That Screenwriter 🙂

Since I joined SCS in February and lost 50 pounds and got so many things figured out when it comes to relationships, addictive behaviors, and self-limiting beliefs, I am still finding myself chasing each day after that thing, which in my case, ‘I want to figure writing out already and for it to be easy for me.’

I keep wanting for it to be easier. I keep wanting myself to stop fearing it. I keep examining ways to accommodate it. I keep hoping for it. I keep fearing I will never have it. I fear SCS works for everything but this area.

Even with the help of a private coach I took here, I still struggle to let go of my old story of me as a struggling, trying to figure it out writer vs. the new me, the capable, trusting and confident writer who writes daily.

I then thought that perhaps I need to ask myself who do I have to become to be that new me? What would I have to be for a successful screenwriting career to happen because of me? These are the things I came up with so far:

I have to let go of addictive habits like overspending and buffering.
I have to meditate everyday and connect with myself.
I have to bring consciousness to my limiting beliefs.
I have to exercise daily so my body will serve me better.
I have to cut out coffee because it makes my brain buzz and doesn’t serve me.
I have to spend at least four hours a day writing.
I have to complete writing projects and not abandon them.
I have to trust my intuition and storytelling talent.
I have to let go of my old story about my abilities.

Why does it feel unsafe to let go of our old stories?