Why is my model so circular? Or is it supposed to be circular?

A patient wanted to get advice by sending me a text (via work computer, not to my personal phone, but still…) rather than booking a time with me. In the practice I work for, there is no system for charging text message communication, or phone, or email.

C- client sent “could you explain what this blood test means?” The blood test was actually ordered by a specialist at the hospital. I was only CC-ed the result.
T- I am not valued
F- resentment
A- I am not replying to her text. I am curling my toes absentmindedly. I am eating sweet and salty popcorn and a few bars of chocolate mints. I am not providing my value by not replying to her text and helping her.
R- I am not valuing myself.

Does that thought serve me? No…

C- as above
T- hi brain, I see you want to see this as danger “I am not valued”, but really, I determine my own value and we know we are OK.
F- valued
A- I would reply to her text or call her and explain the test result without resentment. I am not wasting my mental energy on thinking bad thoughts about myself and then not feeling so tired and so I don’t have to buffer with popcorn
R- I am at peace, no drama.