Women in Instagram Post Follow Up

Thank you for your clarification and input on my model. Just to follow up.

R- I don’t allow myself to see my power in the conversation and I don’t show up the way I want to sharing my viewpoint


What if it’s okay for your husband to have his viewpoints and you to have yours and sometimes they may align and sometimes they may differ? Imagine stepping into your emotional power and recognizing that regardless of whether your husband accepts your viewpoint, you can still feel heard.

I totally accept that his viewpoints don’t have to align with mine. It is that he seems to mostly want me to have his opinions or not understand my opinions or dismissed my opinions if they do not match his and then he makes it something about a problem with our relationship. When you say stepping into your emotional power and recognizing…. can still feel heard. Emotional power? What do you mean by this? How would I do that and when …during the conversation or after. Sit with my feeling or have the feeling that sits well with me and that I feel I showed up the way I wanted. I did feel at the end that I showed up and “stood my ground” on my opinion and was not suffering afterwards.