Doing the work is changing my automatic thoughts.

I have been in scholars a few months and listening to you coach. I have been putting in the work and was actually able to go off of my antidepressant more than a month ago. That change added an extra level of challenge, but it was a great change. I have realized that I am really practiced at creating anxiety and sadness for myself. My thoughts have often been “I’m having an anxious (or sad) day” which really perpetuates the feeling although it does allow me to stay with the emotion. This week I’ve been unintentionally saying to myself, “I’m having a lot of thoughts causing me anxiety today.” I have practiced changing my thought about my day being anxious and it is now the new thought is my default! I feel like this is huge because the thought “I’m having a lot of thoughts causing me anxiety” gives me such a different feeling. It makes me curious what the thoughts are. It doesn’t increase my anxiety. This work is amazing!