Money mindset

I joined scholars to help with overdrinking, discovered that before the wine I had been using food, and now I am struggling with my money mindset!!!! You have me totally covered so far. Haha.

My husband quit his job in March to start his own business. We had made a plan financially, but as businesses go, the first few months have been more spending than planned and the income delayed. My thoughts about it have led to overeating and over drinking. By the way, I’ve learned to really appreciate when I overdrink or overeat because it shows me where I need to work on my thinking. I used to just beat myself up when it happened, but now I’m appreciating when it happens. These are the models … it helps to know that I really run the finances in my house.

C: Husband telling me he will need more money for X project
T: This whole business is costing so much more than we planned. The thoughts just really go crazy from here, but I end up with the thought that I’m going to have to give up everything important to me (scholars, my gym membership, the nice preschool my kids are in, the trips I like to take) to make this business happen. These are things that really make my life amazing and I don’t want to lose.
F: resentful (even though I haven’t ACTUALLY sacrificed anything yet)
A: Using angry tones with my husband. Saying hurtful things about the success of his business so far
R: I am less supportive of his business.

This is what I think I want to get to …
C: same as above
T: We are so lucky that we have access to the money to make all of this happen (which is the truth)
F: abundance
A: open to what my husband and his business need
R: more support for my husband’s business

My husband is incredible and has the ability to visualize how a business will evolve (like you) and I’m probably more conservative, like your husband is! My default thinking about the money in this situation is really holding me back from supporting my husband so he can really grow and develop his business!