Work drama

My boss and his wife came back from holiday and I felt so worried about going to work to hear what the next drama is.
Sure enough when we got there she had complained that she had been put on too many Saturday shifts this year even though she is the one that did the rota.
There was a big note that nobody can change shifts without management permission.
I feel judged and accused even though that might not be the case.
(She mainly judges and accuses my colleague)
The other drama to do with a client complaint about stuff she had done before she went away had been worrying me all weekend. One of my other colleagues tell me she is moaning in the office about it saying nothing’s done properly when she’s away.
When she speaks to me about it she is fine but does say it wasn’t handled well by my colleague.

When I write down what happened it doesn’t sound that bad but I’m walking around a mixture of anger and anxiety. It affects my work and at 1 point I was in tears.

Yet I know that my feelings come from my thoughts. And also that half the drama is stuff I’m making up in my head. Like I’m imagining what was said – I wasn’t even there.

Maybe I’m just scared that she will attack me. But I’m kind of failing ahead of time because I feel attacked without her even doing it.

I’ve done so much work on this woman and it just keeps coming. I guess I have to let her be wrong about me or my colleagues some times.
T: she thinks she works harder than the rest of us and that’s ok.
T: she thinks we did a bad job. And that’s ok. (That thought still feels sad – I don’t want her to think that)

I appreciate your time and insights.