I manage an orthopedic surgery practice. The owner hired a junior surgeon in 2014 but made him a partner in 2017. This surgeon is not as laid back as the original owner and I’ve had some challenges with the differences in personalities of the to. He emailed me today and told me that something regarding a patient being scheduled was “unacceptable”; however, the staff member was following a guideline he previously laid out for us about scheduling. Now he says he never said that, but he did, so:

C BW said patient situation was unacceptable
T He is a total asshole (sorry for my language)
F Pissed Off
A “Vent” to  the other owner, tell him what a tool this guy is, talk to my clinical coordinator about it
R The continued venting will find more evidence of his asshole-ness the more I talk about it

C BW said patient situation was unacceptable
T He is just concerned about his practice growing
F Empathetic, Willing
A Meet with him on Monday to have him outline his exact protocol of which types of patients he wants to see, type the protocol, have him review it and sign it so I can distribute it to staff
R The guidelines he has set forth for his patient scheduling preferences will be followed