My father is a sexual predator and molested me throughout my childhood. I tried to push all my thoughts about my childhood down. And mostly functioned okay. 5 years ago my father was accused of sexually assulting 5 kids at an elementary school. All of my thoughts about my childhood came pushing back at me. I still didnt want to hear them, so I pushed them down again. 2 years later i was a mess and not functioning, I started having flashbacks of my trauma, and began to process it. I decided to confront him about the things he had done and he denied everything and sent me nasty texts. Then he emailed my whole family stating that I was making this up. All 9 of my siblings and my mother stated they believed him over me. I decided to cut him and my mom out of my life completely, which has really been wonderful. What I have a hard time finding
peace with is that I no longer get to be involved in family get togethers. My parents are at all the get togethers, so we don’t go. And that my kids don’t have grandparents on my side. Can you help me see a new way to look at all of this? Please and thank you!