Work models

I’ve cared about a person at work’s opinion of me for a while. I realized today that I can’t control their opinion anyway, so I might as well do and say what I think is right. Here are some models on this:
Old Unintentional Model:
C: Person says X
T: I want them to like me
F: Insecure
A: Ssecond guess my opinion, agree with them
R: They like me?

New Intentional Model:
C: person says X
T: I don’t agree with that
F: Confident
A: Say what I think
R: Robust conversation, maybe they don’t like me?

New Intentional Model:
C: Person says X
T: Interesting, I wonder why they feel that way?
F: Open
A: Ask questions, engage
R: Deeper understanding?

My question is- my second model feels really good. It feels like I’m asserting myself and having my own back, but should I really be moving to the third model?