Working on Over Drinking an Inquiring About The Over Eating Plan

Hi Brooke,
So I’m really new to the Over Drinking and as of now your advise to me has been make drink plans every other day. For me just starting out my drink plan is like 18 oz every other day where I was 24 oz. plus 7 nights a week prior to this. So now if I’m interested in doing Over Eating at the same time I just don’t get it. It seems like a direct contradiction. Drinking is my priority but I am petrified of ballooning up and I am about 40 or so pounds now more than I would like to be. So do I just make my protocol which I’m not even sure how this works (though I have been binge watching the Over Eating videos all day) and just continue with the inserting of my drink plan just as if I was not doing the Over Eating plan? I’m sorta looking at it like this. If I could do the OE plan and insert this drink plan at the same time, I feel I would still have to loose weight because its far less food and bad foods that I’m ingesting regardless of the wine.